Different types of writing

-Three samples of good writings


This News report is about a classical records store called Sikora in Western Canada. This article tells detailed information by using dialogues of customers. The sentences are mostly clear and easy to read.


This articles talks about the phenomenon that people gets angry when they look at the social media, and how this will affect them. The statements are clear, and the use of quotes are brilliant.


This article describes the daily lives of “hot mess mom”, house wives that don’t have enough private time to maintain themselves. The article is interesting and easy to understand and relate with, there are some informal as there are few complicated sentences.

-Example of weaker writing


After edit:

I read the daily schedule of lots of writers, novelists mainly. I see some clear differences between them and myself.

First of all, some of these people are selling their creativity for money. They pull words and plotlines out of their heads in exchange for the food they eat and the cars in their garages. While I take no ethical issue in that, because don’t get paid to do any of this.

Also, professional writers used to commit a lot of time to one single project that they’ve had to ponder long and hard about
. While I get the inspiration for these sorts of blog posts on a day to day basis.

Still though, we all approach writing in different ways. The reason why it’s still a rudimentary yet advanced skill that has not been lost through the generations is that anyone can do it, in any language, on any subject.



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